Guided Watersports on Lake Winnipesaukee

Let’s get ready to rip!

Our highly-experienced captains are ready for action.


All of the rage in watersports right now! An endless surf wave made by a boat. Great for all ages because of its low impact nature.


We recommend everyone learns how to waterski at some point. It’s fun with two skis or one… and it gets really exciting with no skis!


Wakeboarding is to waterskiing as snowboarding is to downhill skiing…. but just a lot warmer! Learn to carve and then learn wake to wake tricks.


Tubing…no skill necessary. just hold on tight and get ready to smile. Our drivers know how to give an exciting ride that you will make you want to never get off the tube!

We focus on FUN and want to help everyone progress at a pace they are comfortable with.

We’re experienced in amazing lake experiences

You’re covered on all fronts
It’s top of the line when it comes to style, progression, comfort and safety.

We provide all watersports and safety equipment for wakesurfing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, and tubing. You’ll have maximum fun while enjoying a safe and memorable experience on the lake.

a great time for all levels
Try a new sport, improve your skills or just get out there and have a blast.

We love teaching those with no experience up to advanced individuals looking to excel to a higher level. Whether you are a beginner or advanced our experienced captains will be able to instruct your skills to the next level.

Select Your Session

One flat rate for groups of up to 8, just choose how much time you want to be having fun, we’ll take care of the rest.

Our boats can accomodate groups larger than 8 if needed. Spectators allowed and encouraged as part of group count!

Our Recommendation for choosing how long to book: 30 minutes per participant.


6 hours @ $1,350.00 

All Day Session

All of the fun for one low rate.

Relax, the boat and knowledgeable captain are yours for the day!

This is a great way to see the entire Lake. Surf, tube, ski, or wakeboard all over the lake. Experience what it’s like to have your own boat in Wolfeboro on Lake Winnipesaukee without having to worry about it!

Pack a cooler with drinks and food or choose to have lunch in Meredith, Weirs Beach, Center Harbor, Glendale or Alton.

Depart in the morning. Return in the afternoon.

4 hours @ $925

Half-Day Session

We should do this again tomorrow!

4 hours can fly by when on the lake. Try multiple watersports… and go tubing. Explore Winnipesaukee enough to know you’ve got to get back out here.

3 hours @ $750

Perfect Session

Best bang for your buck!

This is an optimal amount of time for your group or family to enjoy the lake and the exhilaration of all of the watersports. Surf, ski, wakeboard and tube!


2 hours @ $550 

Solid Session

Two hours to have as much fun as possible!

This is our most popular option. We can load the boat up with a bunch of ballast weight for a mega surf wave or take it all out for a flat water ski wake.

You decide what to do with your time and our team will make it happen!

Recommended for groups of 4 or more

1 hour @ $275 

Quick Session

You get one hour to get your feet wet.

We say more is better but this is plenty of time to get acquainted with everything and want to come back for more!

Great for groups with 2 or 3 people

1.5 Hours @ $300

Tubing Only

Enjoy the ride.

This will put a big smile on your face. No experience necessary, just do your best to hold on!

Available for up to 2 hours of tubing around the lake! A tube that holds 2 or 3 people is provided.

Common Questions About Watersports on Lake Winnipesaukee with Wake Winni

YES! we will teach you how to do whichever sport you would like. We have the most friendly and patient coaches around.

YES! When booking just select the activities you’d like to do during your session. This ensures we get the boat geared up ahead of time so we are ready for fun when you arrive. Tubing can be done only on watersports sessions two hours or longer.

We only ask that you come prepared to be in the water, with sunscreen and a towel. We have everything else necessary. Please feel free to bring snacks or a small cooler with beverages. *note: cleaning fees will apply for stains and excessive crumbs!

We only cancel in the event of thunder and lightning in the area. Rain is perfectly safe to be out in and usually adds a surprisingly fun element to the session, as most people on the boat have the goal of getting wet anyway. We have a 48 hour cancellation policy, please check the weather forecast ahead of time to see if you need to reschedule.

The hourly rates for all of our waterports sessions are good for groups up to 8 people. Larger parties can be accommodated, a fee of $25 per person per hour applies.

Yes, for a small fee. There is an add on option for every session booked, this covers the extra time needed for travel to get to your dock and back.

Sorry, but no pets allowed on the boat. If you need suggestions on pet sitting please reach out to us and we might be able to help find someone qualified!

All the fun things to do on the lake are right here.